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Why Hire an Agency?

Here Are Five Compelling Reasons

When the decision to “Go Inbound” has been made, the hard work of implementation has just begun. Whether you’ve already decided to hire an agency, or to hire employees, we think that you’ll find the five reasons to hire an agency below pretty compelling.


  1. Ever-Changing Technology

    As a marketing professional, you have a lot on your plate. You support sales efforts, plan events and campaigns and communicate your company’s offerings to the right people at the right time. Staying up-to-date with fast-changing technology like marketing automation, e-mail campaign choices, SEO rules and the like is an integral part of any successful inbound marketing campaign.B2B marketing in the age of content marketing, lead nurturing, search, social media and analytics is one of the steepest learning curves in the entire history of business.

    For an e-mail campaign, for example, do you know:

    • How well your CMS performs on mobile platforms?
    • Will it look the same on a tablet or smartphone?
    • How about when a new version of that smartphone comes out?

    It’s a lot to keep up with – and that’s just one small example of how technology has changed the world of marketing.

    Our role is to keep up on these things, leaving our clients with less stress and more time to focus on their marketing goals.

  2. You’ll Save Time

    Learning and managing marketing software, deciding on a content strategy and on an SEO strategy, and implementing inbound tactics takes specific expertise. Not to mention managing new employees’ execution of all of this. And this is all on top of your day job as a marketing professional.

    So why not let an agency shoulder that weight? They’ll already have the expertise you’re looking for and you’ll be able to clear some time from that busy schedule of yours.

  3. Your Company Will Save Money

    You may be wondering, “What would hiring an inbound agency COST?”

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a marketing manager in 2014 was around $128,750. For a web developer, the average salary comes in at around $63,000. A marketing content writer makes about $54,000 per year, according to Indeed.com.

    See where we’re going with this? Paying a digital agency on a monthly basis to consistently work toward your business goals could save your company a good amount of money in the long run.

  4. An Agency Buys You More for Your Money

    Hiring a digital agency helps you obtain all the services necessary to expand your online marketing efforts ALL AT ONCE.

    This includes video marketing, web design and development, content creation, social media marketing. These are all different skill sets that are very difficult to find in one employee whose salary falls within

    your budget. Not to mention, hiring individual employees for each of these positions could be a long process, and, as we pointed out before, an expensive one.

  5. Measurement and Reporting

    The good news: Nowadays, everything is measurable. The bad news is that this analysis often takes new software systems, knowledge and, you guessed it, time.

    Analysis is a HUGE part of a successful marketing strategy. How do you know which strategies are working and which ones need to be tweaked a little?

    A digital agency will not only fulfill your marketing needs, but it will measure the results and produce reports that can help you adjust course if something isn’t working.

Make The Shift to Inbound Marketing with a Partner

There you have it! If you’re interested in learning more about how a digital agency like Search Strategy Marketing can help you meet your goals, get in touch by filling out the form on this page or clicking the button below! We’d love to answer your questions!


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