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Turn Your Website Into a Warm Sales Lead Machine 

We Design Effective Digital Strategies to Attract and Nurture Warmer Sales Leads

Wouldn't it be great to have a website that worked on your company's behalf, 24/7, to send warm sales leads to your sales team?

A website can and should contribute to a business' overall sales and revenue goals. And with the right content strategy, this can be a reality. 

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You Must Have a Strategy, a Plan for Achieving Goals

Too many people think that simply creating content is the strategy. Therefore, they write articles and blog posts. They create infographics. They produce videos and podcasts. They tweet the content. They post the content on Facebook and Instagram.

They're active. They're busy. They have proof. But how much have they accomplished?

According to Sirius Decisions, 60% to 70% of the content B2B companies produce is not used. That's astoundingly wasteful and inefficient. However, it's not so surprising when you remember that, according to Forrester, 87% of B2B companies struggle to produce content that actually engages their prospects.

"You have to see what your goals are, and how you can dovetail them with your audience needs."Mina Seetharaman • Global Director of Content Strategy and Content Solutions, The Economist Group


Engaging Prospects with Compelling Content is Not Easy

Therefore a Coherent Content Strategy is Necessary.

The world is jammed with information. People are overloaded. How can you make sure that your content stands out from the masses and appeals to your audience? An effective content strategy dictates the content that should be produced, and where the content will be distributed to. It gives each piece of separate content purpose and life. It directs prospects to opt into an email list or builds your company's reputation as a thought leader or it attracts news prospects to your website. It aligns with the company's goals and its overall marketing strategy.

Three Questions Drive Your Content Strategy
  1. Who is your customer?
    This is the most important question of all.
  2. What are their pain points?
    What needs does your company solve for its customers? Why is your company in business?
  3. How will you deliver on their needs and desires?
    This gives companies an opportunity to speak about what they do in an educational way.

The answers to those three questions make up your content vision:

We help {customers} achieve {benefit} by applying our {product or service}.

Content Production Questions
  • What content will we produce?
  • What customer questions will we answer?
  • What are the criteria we need to use?
  • Where and when will we deliver it?
  • Are we seeking to attract new prospects to discover our website and company?
  • Are we seeking to increase our email list?
  • Are we seeking to sell an introductory version of our product?
  • Get prospects to sign up for a free trial?
  • Request a free consultation?
  • Download a white paper or case studies?
Content Development, Production and (finally!) Marketing

How will we produce this content? Do you have an in-house writer and various subject matter experts (SMEs), or do you need a ghost writer?

How to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time on the right platform? This requires a deep look into the customer journey (link to digital transformation article) and a focus on inbound marketing.

A Unified Content Strategy Makes for a Unified Team

Your in-house SMEs should know, before writing a post, what their posts should get the readers to do. Your video and podcast producers should have the same goals. And so should the social media experts who are posting on your company's Facebook page and responding to tweets on Twitter.

Use your answers to the content vision questions to create your company’s content vision. If you sell SaaS solutions to attorneys in California, that's who you need to address. Where do your prospects spend their time? Tweeting and photographs on Pinterest might not catch their attention. But an interesting blog post and Pulse article on LinkedIn that addresses their needs just might.

We’re a small marketing agency that works with B2B companies making around $10 million annually. We can help you refine and carry out an inbound content strategy that will help you achieve your business goals.

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