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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Sales Enablement Software

Posted by Matthew Penchuk on February 9, 2018
Matthew Penchuk

If you're a company that's looking to start a sales enablement program, SaleEnablementwe applaud you! 

The purpose of this post is to help you to decide what to look for when it comes to software for implementing a sales enablement strategy in your organization.

Get Started on the Right Track

If you've made the decision to start a sales enablement program at your company, more than likely, you'll need to see and show some ROI to continue the program indefinitely.

The information for the tools shared below will arm you with the ability to continue your program by providing you with the ability to report up to stakeholders to justify time and resources -- in addition to a few other things.

Here are 7 of Our Must-Haves When Choosing Sales Enablement Software

1.) It Should be Straightforward and Easy to Use - To give your new sales enablement program the best shot at getting off the ground, choose software that's simple and intuitive. When you do, your team will be more likely to use it -- not just in the beginning, but over the long haul. Additionally, pick a tool that has a training and certification program that can be taken anytime, and accessed again and again for refreshers.

2.) Is it Scalable? Does it Have Growing and Staying Power? -- With your new sales enablement program, you're setting your company up for unprecedented growth. Make sure that the software you use has staying power. Has the company been in business for a number of years? If they're a start-up, are they well-funded? Are they known for stellar technical and customer support? Choose wisely in this category, and you will be rewarded.

3.) Make Sure It's Optimized for Mobile -- Give your team easy access to the tool from anywhere....not just from their desk. A tool that can be easily accessed conveniently encourages higher levels of participation. This will also be important for the content that you share with your customers. Studies have shown that people move along the sales cycle in moments, not in big chunks. They reach decisions little by little, with repeat exposure to a particular idea. And this repeated exposure can happen anywhere -- on the subway, at 3 a.m., at their son's T-ball game, etc. 

4.) Robust Metrics Reports - Reporting should be easy to create and easy for stakeholders to understand -- period. Don't budge on this one. Is the content that marketing is creating effective in getting your prospects and customers to move further down the sales pipeline? Is the sales team finding this content helpful? Can you easily see whether your sales and marketing teams are meeting the terms of their service level agreement?

5.) Internal Team Goals Tracking -- Setting goals keeps teams motivated. And with data, it's difficult to dispute results. It's important to be able to easily set goals and track them to see where team members are making progress with leads and closed sales in order to replicate results time and time again to improve the entire sales process.

6.) Content Measurement Capabilities -- Which content is working on your behalf to drive growth by aiding in the sales process? You'll never know unless it's being measured digitally. In addition to analytics -- it's important to be able to schedule, automate and to have multimedia support built into your new software platform.

7.) It Should be Easy to Integrate With Existing Tools - Let's not complicate things, folks!! Don't make a bad first impression by upsetting the apple cart right out of the gate. Make sure that your new sales enablement tool seamlessly integrates with the tools you're already using. You've worked hard to get your sales enablement processes into place. Software that can easily integrate with what you're using will make you shine and will ensure that your new sales enablement program takes off like a Hennessey Venom, instead of like a jalopy.

You're Moving in the Right Direction

We commend you for taking steps to implement a strategic sales enablement program at your company. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! 

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