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Build a Repeatable Inbound Sales Process for Your Business – Part 1

Posted by Christine Penchuk on May 27, 2017
Building a repeatable sales process for your business, and applying it to all aspects of your sales team – from reps all the way down to your customers --...

Google's Micro-Moments: Why They're Important to CMOs

Posted by Matthew Penchuk on April 19, 2017
New research from Google has uncovered a core change in the way people consume media. Traditional marketing plans were once centered around how to present...

Micro-Moments - How They Affect Customer Journey Mapping

Posted by Matthew Penchuk on April 18, 2017
No change in consumer habits has become so evident as what Google has termed "micro-moments". These brief moments on a smartphone have erupted brand loyalty...

Inbound Marketing for Roofers: A Combination of Many Services

Posted by Matthew Penchuk on March 10, 2017
To Win, All the Parts Have to Work Together When looking for a marketing agency, particularly for an inbound marketing agency for your roofing business,...

Roofing Contractor Marketing: 3 Myths - Busted!

Posted by Christine Penchuk on March 6, 2017
Today's small and medium-sized roofing contractors that have not yet changed their patterns from traditional advertising to a more modern way of getting...